An Expat's Zodiac Boat

An Expat's Zodiac Boat

A German hospital, no medication, and a midwife who had no feelings or emotions. Hours later, after hitting the doctor, I gave birth to our fist child; Germans are not found of epidurals, or medication and an American mother giving birth in Germany survived with many scares this brutal birth. 

Five years later, a new assignment for an international company had our little family in Bordeaux, France where the midwives went on strike. This time, after a detour in the night, I gave birth with the midwives at that Catholic hospital begging to give me an epidural,  massaging my back, and unpacking my bag; treating me as if I were a princess that should be showered with jewels. The German midwife wasn't present in France telling me to toughen up. 

Baby three was also born in France, by then I was screaming in French "Ca fait mal."

Twenty-one years later, our children have been to public schools in three countries, are now in a fourth country, this time in an international school. 

We don't do this because we are refugees, rather for international companies, and our problems are of luxury, our zodiac boats are used on our sailing vacations, and we have relocation experts helping us. With all this luxury...  it is still hard.  I often if I think if this is hard for me, how to refugees do this? When I start feeling guilty, I think of all the beautiful adventures, the stories, and the memories we have created and yes the luxury we have. It is a good life.

—Allison Ochs Social Worker M.S.W. , Coach, Expat, Mother of three, Wife