Is Facebook Our Version of Soap Operas?

Is Facebook Our Version of Soap Operas?

In the 70's and 80's my Mom didn't have to deal with the internet, but she still had to deal with control. She had eleven of us running around the house, and without strict rules, clear guidelines and charts it would have been mayhem.  We had rigorous T.V. rules that my Mom followed herself. I never saw her watching T.V. unless it was a family activity. She wasn't a "soap opera mom." When I asked to watch them, she said to me, "Soap operas are addicting and unhealthy because you get pulled into watching." 

Is Facebook our version of soap operas? Dramas, life, and info that we get addicted to; we just have to see what's happening. I find myself getting lured in at times when I shouldn't be on, wasting my time; I know my kids do too. 

Yesterday I called my son's name.... No answer. I called again... no reply. I knew he was in the house; I had the sneaking suspicion that he was plugged into his earbuds. I wrote him a Whatsapp message, and within seconds he came rambling up the stairs.

I can't believe I called my son per WhatsApp. Should I take the internet away from him? No way, prohibition didn't work in the 20's, and that approach won't work either. I do suggest that all parents take  control back and put some strict limitations into place, not only for their teens but for themselves as well. For starters we should all get the devices out of our rooms at night and never ever have them around during mealtimes.

These devices don't define us so don't let them.

—Allison Ochs Social Worker M.S.W. , Coach, Expat, Mother of three, Wife