To get my family

To get my family

Normally when you get a new sibling, there is the build up through the pregnancy of your Mom. You watch her tummy grow, you feel the kick of the baby, you are excited, and then one day you go to the hospital to see that new baby sibling.

It didn't work this way for me; not once. I was the last baby, but then my parents adopted five. They were all adopted at an older age, and all but one were older than I was. So instead of getting a sibling that cried, burped and needed cuddling I got a sibling with attitude, that could talk and yes could tell me what to do.

When I was out to dinner last week, I was telling a new friend about my family. After a very nonchalant comment about a brother she looked at me and said wait, how many siblings do you have? I forget that I don't wear my story on my forehead and people don't know or truly grasp my upbringing. I needed to backtrack and give her some more information.

Was it hard to get a brother in the 5th grade and have him be in your class? The answer is a clear yes! Did I love it? Not always, not when he humiliated me, not when he brought boys into my room to watch me snore, no I didn't appreciate waking up to that, but overall yes.

So if you know me or happen to meet me and wonder where this direct, strong character comes from.... just like anybody else, take a longer look, you'll get it. 

—Allison Ochs Social Worker M.S.W. , Coach, Expat, Mother of three, Wife