Brother's to the rescue

Brother's to the rescue

My parents had a strict dating before the age of sixteen. I was fifteen when I started High School; Homecoming came and went, and I did not attend. The next dance was announced, it was a girls choice event, and I wanted to go. I was class president and argued with my Mom and Dad telling them "I have to be there to represent the school. Try as I might, the answer was, "You know the rule until you are sixteen no dates!"

 I was and am a stubborn creature and when I want something I go for it. My brother in the same year but a year older had a date, and I started scheming with him. I only had one hope to go to that Chrismas formal...ask one of my older brothers. My brother Aaron can be a bit of a rebel, and he loves rocking the system. When I went to him with my troubles he had the solution, "It's easy, you want to go, and I will be your date...Mom can't say no to that!" Sure enough, my parents had to say yes. My brother, eight years my senior was taking me on a double date with my other brother.

That night I had my first chocolate fondue, I danced like crazy, we paid the DJ to play less slows (come on I did not want to spend the evening dancing slows with my brother), we laughed and observed others. My older brother spent the night teaching me things, making comments and helping me realize realities. This night was spectacular. There I was having fun while many were feeling awkward with their dates, trying too hard to impress and well just being a teen.

I fought the rules of my parents, and I fought hard, but I am glad they stuck to their guns. It taught me to be creative, to fight for what I want and find a solution to problems. Thanks to my amazing brothers I had an unforgettable night. Don't give in to your kids to easily. Learning to fight, argue and find solutions to problems will prepare them for life. 

—Allison Ochs Social Worker M.S.W. , Coach, Expat, Mother of three, Wife