Misunderstandings...He is my brother

Misunderstandings...He Is My Brother

Going to High School is an exciting experience. In my first weeks, I was loving life in the big school. Daily I would either drive or take the bus with my brother. He was in my grade even though he was a year older. 
Being a newbie, I was worried what people thought of me, but not what they thought of us! You heard me right... Us ...as in my brother and I were seen as a couple by some unbeknownst to me. 
Sitting in a drama class,  a girl came over and started talking to me, "So how is your boyfriend?" I looked at her strangely without answering, and she continued, "I see you coming to school with him, talking to him, leaving with him...but I mean he is black...um...so do your parents mind that he is black? Do you like him a lot? My parents would kill me, I would never date a black guy, but I have to tell you he is cute, I mean really cute. Like hot if you know what I mean..but I just couldn't... I mean he is black... I mean wow, what you are doing is so cool." 

All this time I sat quietly. It was unbelievable how she just went on and on without pause.

I finally spoke,  "My parents love him and so do I." The silence that followed was incredible, but then she chirped up and took a big breath, "Well, good that solves my problem because I like him and my parents would never let me!"

I should have told my brother about her right away, but I didn't. I wanted to spare him the pain. 

A few weeks later the girl walked up to me in drama class again, "You're a liar!" I smiled, "No, I am not... I do love him; he is my brother, and I played with you." She was embarrassed but not that embarrassed.
The girls choice formal dance was around the corner,  she asked my brother. I was worried sick for him because he had to go pick her up. I warned him; I told him the story. He also called me a liar! He survived the pickup but did have an awkward encounter with her parents and realized I wasn't a liar. They were never a couple. 

When families want to adopt an international child, my Mom always asks, "Can you deal with your biological child marrying someone like the child you are adopting? If the answer is no, you should not adopt that child. They are not toys or projects; they are children." I think her question applies to everyone though. Are you open minded? Ask yourself this question, and you will know. 

—Allison Ochs Social Worker M.S.W. , Coach, Expat, Mother of three, Wife