Girl Power

Girl Power

Wearing a mini-skirt, sandals and toting a basket I left my apartment in Kiel. I looked like a modern day Goldilocks going for a picnic, not like someone who would chase two criminals down the street.

I noticed the two men watching me perched on the fence; they were creepy. I put it down to the fact that my skirt was short. Minutes later I heard glass breaking, I turned and saw them breaking into a car. Without thinking, I threw my basket on the ground, started screaming and yes ..... chasing them. They ran, and I chased. A man came out of a building and saw me, it was his car, and he joined the chase. 

The police officers came to the scene to interview us and rather than congratulate me; they scolded me, "What were you thinking mam, did you realize they could have had a knife or a gun and you were chasing two men in a mini-skirt and sandals?" My answer, "I didn't have time to think sir!" I knew that day my brothers had taught me well; I was a fighter!

Years later, a mother of two I pulled into the train station of Bordeaux. I was in the kiss and drop zone saying goodbye to a friend. A man was honking at me as I pulled the suitcase out of my trunk. I turned and said, "Hey mister, stop honking at me... I will say bye to my friend and drive on." As I was kissing my friend, I felt a body walk close to me. I looked up and realized the man was entering my car. The keys were in the ignition, and my two children were in the car.

This man had tattoos, was about 25, very muscly and rough looking. Again I didn't think! This time I got physical. I grabbed him by the hair and T-shirt and ripped him out of my car screaming. Every person in that kiss and drop zone was staring at me, a young mother attacking a man screaming kidnapper. Adrenaline does give you strength and that young man didn't know what had hit him. He also did not realize children were in the car.

I don't think I am as tough as my sister; I can't see myself chopping fingers off.  I should say thanks to my brothers and sisters... they toughened me up. I am grateful that I learned how to fight and being one of eleven taught me that. Teach girls that it is okay to be tough, to act like a boss and yes to attack if need be!

—Allison Ochs Social Worker M.S.W. , Coach, Expat, Mother of three, Wife