The Kiss

The Kiss

"How does snow sound? What does it say to you?"

In one of my favorite German movies Beyond Silence, a deaf father named Martin asks this of his hearing daughter Lara. Her answer,

Lara: It says, "Crunch, crunch, brr, brr."
Martin: What are "crunch" and "brr"? What kind of words are they?
Lara: To tell the truth, snow doesn't say much. It's even said that snow swallows every sound. When snow is on the ground, everything is much quieter.
Martin: Honest? Snow makes the world quiet? That's beautiful.

I think that is why I love a snowy night; peace descends upon us, it is quiet sometimes almost eery. Twenty-Seven years ago on a very snowy night, all sound was swallowed, and the street lights were glowing. I was on a date with an amazing man, and in a snowy, deserted parking lot, he kissed me. It was an amazing first kiss and this peaceful night has turned into twenty-seven years of adventure, five countries and three children.

As an expat, I get the question almost every month, "What is your favorite country?" or "Which country is the best?" I never answer this question because I can't; each place has it's good, it's bad,  I was in a different stage of my life and a different age in each of the countries. This makes a comparison impossible.

When my daughter asked me last night, "What was your favorite day ever Mommy?" I thought oh no sighed saying, " Sweetie that is as impossible to answer as which country is best." However, as I was falling asleep that night, I thought of peace, silence and a kiss. So, Maya, this day was a top ten of my favorite days and not just for the kiss but for the quiet, the peace, the safety and the beauty I felt on that night.  I think peace is something I have been taking for granted for years. 

—Allison Ochs Social Worker M.S.W. , Coach, Expat, Mother of three, Wife