Holiday with eleven kids - Episode Three

Holiday with eleven kids - Episode Three

On the first of December every year I would run into the kitchen in my nightgown and stop short in my tracks with sheer joy; there was the table, glowing with candlelight, set with my great grandmothers Christmas china.

From December 1st through Christmas every meal was a feast of sorts. We still had our casseroles, oatmeal, and no-nonsense food but the table was decked, the lights were dimmed with the soft glow of candlelight filling the room; we dined as if we were kings and queens. We left it dark on purpose not worrying that we could barely make out our food; that way we could imagine and dream of wondrous things as we ate and talked. 

With many kids and limited funds, my parents taught us that you don't need money to make Christmas special or anything for that matter. Tradition, love, some candles did the trick. 

–Allison Ochs, Social Worker M.S.W. , Coach, Expat, Mother of three, Wife

Photo by Sweta Meininger on Unsplash