Teenagers...let them be bored!

Teenagers...let them be bored!

Sunday afternoons I would often die of boredom. Stretching out on the living room floor as the sun streamed in through the window. It was warm and sweet laying there; I imaged it was summer again, and I was at the pool with my friends. 

After about an hour I would eventually roll myself off the floor and sigh, "Mom, I'm bored! What can I do?" She answered with suggestions like, "Read a book or better yet you could do the dishes, Ali!" I was looking for entertainment that she did not give me. 

I wasn't bored in a house with eleven kids very often, but on Sundays, it happened. We had church, no friends and a very calm time.

Years down the road I've decided thank goodness I was at least bored on Sundays; boredom was good for me. I dreamed, rested, and I was just me and my thoughts. My dreams of travel were very present during my Sunday afternoon living room floor sunbathing sessions.

Today a friend of mine told me I pamper my daughter. She got me thinking...I do at times. I guess I don't want her to feel what I didn't like growing up. A typical trap we parents fall into at times.

 My message today....growing up is hard, boredom is part of it. Let them be bored parents, you aren't entertainers oh and p.s. Make sure they are off the screens long enough to daydream. 

—Allison Ochs Social Worker M.S.W. , Coach, Expat, Mother of three, Wife