What teens should say to their parents!

What teens should say to their parents!

I was challenged this week to write about what teens should say to their parents. Okay, I can do this, challenged accepted! The thing isI do have a story, but it’s just not the story you want to hear.

Generally speaking, children realize only after they are adults (about 22 if you’re lucky) what you have done for them… sometimes it takes much longer.

More than one of my brothers went through a difficult teen stage. I am talking difficult like getting kicked out of school, problems with the police, girls, rock n' roll.

A few years ago, as a grown man, put together and successful, my brother came to my Mom crying, hugged her and just said I am so sorry mom. I am so sorry.She was confused and he continued.  I am so sorry I was such a difficult teen. I am sorry I did that to you. Thank you for loving me anyway.

Well you see, he now had teens… he finally got it.

We all would like life to be like a musical from Rodgers and Hammerstein, our children sing dance and praise us for what we do. If life  was a lovely musical they would sing:

Thanks for tolerating my bad moods

Thanks for staying up late to help me with homework

Thank you so much for making me study

Thank you for taking that computer away so I can actually see the world

Thank you for punishing me when I need it, for cleaning up after me, cooking, teaching me manners, listening to me and for your taxi services but most of all

Thank you for loving me through thick and thin, unconditionally and no matter what!

I hate to remind you… that would be in a musical. But one day they will thank you! I promise!!

—Allison Ochs Social Worker M.S.W. , Coach, Expat, Mother of three, Wife