Fair is the four letter F word


Fair is the four-letter F word

How do you make everything fair with 11 kids at home? The simple answer is you can’t, life isn't fair!!! My Dad always said that fair is the four-letter F word. 

Growing up my siblings and I would have never said, “Mom Brad said F**k you to John.” We would rather come running in screaming, “Mom Brad said the four-letter F word to John.” I think the first time I uttered the four-letter F word I was at University. Ok, ok, this is maybe a bit late, but I grew up in a Mormon community. However, I am sure I am not the only person that grew up not uttering that swear word.

At home if we said, “that's not fair” my Dad would immediately say…. "DON'T SWEAR.” He trained us that FAIR doesn't exist. He gave lectures on it, and he drilled it into us. I walked out into this world as a young adult knowing that life isn’t always fair and you better just get on with it and do you best to improve what you can and that indeed “fair” is the four letter F word.

As a parent, as a teacher or just in life don’t try to be perfect rather try to be just or fair fully knowing that it doesn’t really exist. You will never be fair in all things, and if you kids cry out that you’re not fair, you might want to adopt my Dad’s saying. It works! And yes even as an adult I wish life were fair, I wish people didn’t suffer, I wish I could save the world…. I am a social worker, and I try, but you’re right Dad…. “fair” is the for letter f word and life isn’t and I am getting on with it.