The Big Family Series - Chapter 1

In the Beginning - Chapter 1

When I look back on my childhood I smile. I wish everybody could do that. My mother always said that her father was one of 11.  When she was growing up he often told stories about his childhood. She wished that  she could take part in the fun and craziness of his family and therefore decided she would create her own big family. She fell in love with my charming father and they agreed they would have babies, lots of babies. I think my Grandma, a posh Chicago woman, was quite horrified that her daughter wanted to run around  nursing babies, doing laundry and being barefoot and fancy free. My mom didn’t care. She wanted her life.

After I was born (baby 6) the doctor said no more. My Mom and Dad believed there were more children out there for them. They wanted to help and so they adopted hard to place children. This turned into a bigger adventure than they thought. They created something very special. I am who I am because of this big family. I have so many stories to share with you about my Mom, her turning into a real manager and sometimes this controlling micro manager. Why? Pure survival! So this is where I will begin to share, make you laugh, document and hopeful teach you a thing or two.

As a kid  I was  one of 11!  It was interesting to say the least and my Mom was a real manager, a micro manager.