3- 4 Gallons of Milk a Day ( 11- 15 Liters)

3- 4 Gallons of Milk a Day ( 11- 15 Liters) - The Big Family Series Continues


As a kid  I was  one of 11!  It was interesting to say the least and my Mom was a real manager, a micro manager.

Four Gallons of Milk a day!  Can you imagine the grocery cart and how many times my mom had to go shopping to keep the milk cold let alone talk of the price?  Well, she had a solution, a disgusting one but I promise you get used to disgusting things too. Powdered milk was it and it was inexpensive, took less space in the fridge and fewer trips to the store. She bought two huge containers, put wallpaper on the outside and cushions on the top. Our funky bar stools as we would say. These containers served as powdered milk and flour storage. Every night before we went to bed one of us made powdered milk so that is was very cold in the morning, it made it more bearable that way. 

One morning we started our breakfast and the first person that tasted the milk spit it out. My Mom then tasted it and got so mad. “ Who made this milk? Who did this? Who was careless and switched the milk and flour.” Disgusting  is all I can say. It was like paste. We all said it wasn’t me in a type a sing song way. My mom stomped to her chart saying of course it was “NOBODY” and then she just started laughing. She had the duty. She had goofed up! We all laughed that even Mom could goof up. I cherish my fresh milk today. I don’t like powdered milk but I will forever remember the switch of flour and milk. I learned that it doesn’t kill you to drink some powdered milk and everyone goofs up, even an easy routine.