Interruptions - An Ode to Moms

Interruptions - An Ode to Moms 

Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse. With eleven kids at home, this didn't happen often. My Mom used to think that there was a radar that sent information to all of us as soon as she sat down with a book. I imagined it in a computerized voice. "Attention, Attention, your Mom just laid down on the couch with a book. She has time for you, go bug her now!"

Now as a mother myself I feel the same way. I sit down to work on my projects, and I hear, Mom or Allison within seconds. I only have three kids; I don't know how my Mom did it. 

Twas the day after Christmas and not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Go ahead, sit down. I guess when your kids call "Hey Mom" you can just smile. Isn't this why we had kids? To get interrupted, love them, be there for them. The crazy thing is, I live in Europe, and I still call my Mom and say, "Hey Mom, I need to talk!"

The part that is a bit embarrassing; I don't even hesitate to call her at 6 am and wake her up for something silly - She is my Mom! 

—Allison Ochs Social Worker M.S.W. , Coach, Expat, Mother of three, Wife