Don't Overschedule

Don't Overschedule

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of being a ballerina. I wanted to be graceful and lovely. I also wanted to be a pianist rocking the world. To be famous was for sure part of my plan.

Well, guess what? I am neither. My parents had 11 kids, and there was no way they could pay for all of our lessons. Our activities needed to be convenient. If we took piano, we needed to walk. Ballet lessons were a big no-no because the classes interfered with dinner.

When I was 16 or 17, I found a dance class that I could take. I continued ballet even after my first two children were born. As an adult I learned to play the piano, I am not talented but it warms my soul.

Why am I telling you about my flopped aspirations? Because it doesn’t matter! My dreams as a child changed every week. I was not meant to be a dancer or a pianist. If I had been, it would have worked or I would have pushed to make it happen. As parents, we drive ourselves crazy trying to taxi our kids to all of their activities without thinking of putting ourselves or the whole family first. Not getting everything you want, and being a bit bored on occasion can be a very stimulating for children.

If it doesn’t suit you or the family, don’t beat yourself up over not letting your kids take a class and please, please don’t overschedule! I had plenty of time for daydreaming. That is how I made a crazy plan to travel the world. I bought a map, hung it up and said I would go to Germany. That daydream did turn out to be a reality. I made it happen because it was what I truly wanted. We all find our paths. Take care of yourselves and the family as a whole, and positive things will start to happen. Let your kids daydream and be bored; it is good for them!