I did not write this book for teens but they are reading it and loving my cringy stories and my advise.
If you don’t know how to start some tough conversation with your teen just lay this book on the coffee table and they will pick it up. The illustrations and stories will speak to them and you can ask them their opinions on the topic and there you will have your conversation starter.
Honestly, I don’t even mind if you disagree with some of my points. It is your home and your children. What I do care about it that you are talking to them about these topics and often.
— Allison Ochs, author
Your book was real, honest, vunerable with no filter and it made you want to read on.
— Rachel (teen 16 years old)
Audrey Mezas sits down with social worker Allison Ochs to talk about raising kids in a digital era and her new book Would I have sexted back in the 80s?.

A Modern Guide to Parenting Digital Teens, Derived from Lessons of the Past.

While traveling around the world, Allison Ochs has found a few things to be consistent everywhere.

  • Parents are grasping for guidance and direction when it comes to raising digital teens/kids.

  • Parents are busy.

  • Parents want to hear what they can do now.

Allison makes herself beautifully vulnerable by sharing stories from her teen years in Utah as one of eleven children, as a mother, and as a professional. Her advice is simple, easy to implement on many levels and without judgement. She knows how hard this is.

The best part: you will laugh as you remember your teen self and yes, you might even want to put an 80s hit on while reading this book.


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An easy, eye-opening and reassuring guide that gives expert advice while feeling like talking to a friend over a cup of tea, or glass of wine.

— Mother of three teens

Allison Ochs - Author 1988

Allison Ochs and classmates back in the 80s at Davis High in Kaysville, Utah

Allison Ochs was raised one of eleven children in a Mormon family in Utah. She is now a Social Worker/Teen expert living with her husband and children, combining the knowledge from her youth with her work experience in Europe.

Ricardo Rivera - Illustrator

Ricardo Rivera

Ricardo is an 18-year-old University student and talented young artist. He started illustrating Would I have sexted back in the 80s? when he was 17 and just as he graduated from his High School, The International School of Amsterdam.

He is PuertoRican and Dutch speaking three languages fluently. Art has always been his passion.

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