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Edit is an international educational consulting company specializing in digital citizenship development for schools and families, partnered with advice. We offer a variety of unique programs targeting teachers, students, and families designed to help navigate the complex, ever-changing world we live in. From “Who am I and what is my brand” to “My phone, My Friends, My Social Media, My Games” we offer a large variety of courses customized to your needs giving you the tools you will need to live in harmony with technology.



Frustrated with your home life? Are they distracted by their devices, gaming, spending too much time on social media? Every family at times can use a little help. Edit  is here to listen, help create an action plan, and guide you back to harmony in your home. Shall we begin?



Today’s classroom brings a new set of challenges our teachers must navigate. With our fun, interactive programs, Edit can help students and faculty and parents by shedding some light on living with technology.



Even top athletes and managers need advice; Someone from the outside looking in and giving you inspiration and pointers. Daring to change direction can be daunting. We are here to help.



Edit my school

The internet has changed the landscape of education. There are great and exciting changes, but unfortunately, also the bad and the ugly ones. 
Teachers and administrators have to reach well beyond textbooks and what they have learned to teach and manage in today's schools. Dealing with sexting, social media scandals, bullies online and off, overwhelmed and over-reactive parents demanding top grades even bullying staff; things have gotten complex taking precious time, causing frustration and pain.
Edit offers a variety of workshops designed to help your faculty, students, and parents cope with today’s fast-changing world.
Always fun, always entertaining Edit gets you outside of the box, gets the teens laughing, gives you hands-on tips and inspires reflection.




Give workshops 

Have fun while doing this

Teach teens what teachers don't have time to teach within their curriculums breaking in to some of the more difficult conversations around their online lives

Teach the teachers about what teens are doing online and what they can do in their classrooms now

Create curriculum and lesson plans as follow up lessons to our work

Give feedback

Coach a teacher in need

Customize our program to fit the needs of your school

Inspire teachers, parents and teens

Faculty - Dealing with Parents - yes that's part of the job

Faculty - Dealing with Parents - yes that's part of the job

Parents can be easy, challenging or outright bullies. Get insight on how to understand and work with every kind of parent. The outcome will be less stress, more time for what you love and better cooperation.


Students - Who am I and what's my brand?

Students - Who am I and what's my brand?

Live in the now, Snapchat, Instagram, and Selfies are the norm for teens yet they do not understand how they are branding themselves. We will teach them about branding, the power of their images and memes can have inspiring them to create a healthy online profile.


Students - My digital footprint

Students - My digital footprint

They claim to know what they are doing. They are digital natives. As clever as they might be, do they understand the impact of what they are posting? This workshop gets them laughing, and thinking all while giving hands-on tips on how to keep safe and keep a sense of humor while enjoying the positives of social media.

Students - I am cooler online than off

Students - I am cooler online than off

This fun workshop is geared to 5th and 6th graders. They will love the stories and have fun while learning how to cope with their online world. Most of them do have a phone, will chat and will be confronted with sticky online situations. They need a space to learn this and discuss what they are seeing and doing. This is the place.

Students - My Phone, My Friends, My Social Media, My Games

Students - My Phone, My Friends, My Social Media, My Games

Addicted? Are teens devices irresistible? This topic cannot be ignored by schools; it is a new social phenomenon. We need a healthier approach to make life with phones sustainable.


Faculty - Teens and social media. What schools can do

Faculty - Teens and social media. What schools can do

Social media has boomed since Facebook was created in 2004. Then came the smartphone which has led to a sea change in teen interactions. In this interactive workshop you will learn what you can and should do as a school to help teens, parents and your staff navigate, make less mistakes, be more productive, deal with their digital footprint and have a healthy relationship to their beloved devices. 

Parents - Teens and social media. What parents can do

Parents - Teens and social media. What parents can do

Parents around the globe are grasping for help and guidance. Worried about their teens time online, gaming, addiction, their digital footprint, safety and how to raise ethical young adults are just a few of the worries parents face today. This workshop will give you hands-on and realistic advise as to what you can and should do at home, how to cope, how much time online is too much and how to approach these conversations with your kids. 




Parents - My Phone, My Friends, My Social Media, My Games

Parents - My Phone, My Friends, My Social Media, My Games

Addicted? Let's explore in this parent workshop how to deal with our kids, their devices, and a new social phenomenon that has invaded our homes. We need a healthier approach.


Faculty - Social media and the teen facade. Let's prepare them, let's talk

Faculty - Social media and the teen facade. Let's prepare them, let's talk

Live in the now, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Selfies are the norms for teens. Teachers are confronted with this and yet it extends beyond their subject matter. What should they do? What should the school do? It is time we address this. Let's talk.  

Parents/Faculty - A Journey into a teen’s secret online life

Parents/Faculty - A Journey into a teen’s secret online life

A teen's online world is very real. Like in the real world the virtual one has its own rules and etiquette. On the contrary to the real world, online behavior is not learned through socialization with teachers, parents, and peers but only the latter. The doors to the online world are mostly slammed in the faces of adults. Edit will take you there, let you hear their voices, what and why they are doing what they are doing.

Allison spent two full days at our school (Oberoi International School, Mumbai) talking to large groups of parents, teachers, and students. Her sessions were fun, uncomfortable, a little bit scary, and very, very necessary. She ran two sessions which were open to all parents. About 300 parents turned up to the first session, then went away to tell everyone else how exceptional it was. 18 hours later, for the second session, more than 600 parents attended!

— Neil McWillam, Head of School, Oberoi International School, Mumbai
The responses by the students during Allison’s presentations were extraordinary. Allison had their full attention for the entire session. I was very impressed.
— Dineke Spackman, Head of Secondary, British School Jakarta
During a “marathon” day, Allison carried out the workshops with superb energy as she brilliantly adapted to the age of her audience. Students, teachers and parents, actually everyone was won over by her interventions.
— Grégory Liégeois - Educational Technology Leader at Haut-Lac International School, Switzerland
“Always in a good mood, always nice, always trustworthy and always well dressed, yes, that is how you taught. Your funny stories and examples made you a one of a kind person and teacher. We want to thank you for two amazing years.”
— Helena Syrbe and fellow Students, Clarens, Switzerland
Allison’s session with the students was inspiring. The exceptional insight that she has into their online world enabled her to connect with our students on a unique level. This made our students incredibly receptive to the empowering safety advice that she delivered.
— Sarah MacDonald, Year 12 Year Leader, British School Jakarta
I saw Allison present to a group of high school parents. Allison is a great presenter and was able to connect with our parent population through a series of anecdotes as well as real life ‘case study’ experiences. Being a parent of high schoolers, she is especially in tune with the angst and anxieties that parents struggle with today (social media, popularity issues, bullying…) and is able to help parents go beyond those fears, giving them tips on how to regain control of certain situations. Overall, it was a great session for our parents.
— Sandy Karam, Guidance Counselor, American School of Paris
As schools, parents and communities grapple with the impact of screen usage and young people, the services of Allison Ochs are incredibly helpful in developing constructive educational programming around the impact of technology on young people.

In the classroom, Allison has an easy rapport with the students and works to establish an atmosphere of safety and confidentiality. Students found her lesson engaging, thought-provoking, and relevant.

Allison has presented twice to middle school parents. Each presentation had a different focus and additional recommendations. Any parent attending the session in April of 2017 and April of 2018 walked away each time with new and additional information. Allison does not sit back and rest on her laurels!
— Laurie Mackail, School Counselor, American School of the Hauge

Edit my family

Dinnertime drama, homework hassles or just chaos in the castle. We are all in this together. No matter how dire your situation feels we can help. Let us help you find harmony in your home. We give advice, can help you find the help you need and sometimes with just a conversation or a workshop new energy and inspiration is found. We have been there and we know how to help.



What we do

Intently listen to you

Identify your problems with your children and family

Figure out why this is happening

Create an action plan to decrease your struggles

Help create a harmonious, happy and safe home

Give seminars and retreats for small groups




Parenting, we know what is, what should be and what can be. We can zero in on the problem, provide solutions and tools to help you improve your parenting skills.  As you change so will your family. Advice is available in your own home via skype session or in person.

FAMILY workshops

FAMILY workshops

We love our communities and helping those around us find harmony within their homes. We offer workshops and seminars to community groups i.e. PTA meetings, church groups, town hall meetings or just a group of parents who want an inspirational evening. Contact us for more information.

EDIT Luncheons

EDIT Luncheons

Enjoy a meal and a guided discussion with an expert while getting your questions answered on raising teens in a digital world. Contact us for dates and location or to organize an event near you. We are always willing to host an event with you.


Separating all aspects of your life is impossible. “The whole is made up of parts and is greater than the sum of its parts.” (Aristotle) We don't believe there is one right answer or way; therefore our advice is geared to YOU as a whole, to your specific needs as a school, teacher, mother, or father.

We want to hear your story, define the next chapter and your vision, set challenging goals and create a realistic action plan to achieve amazing results.

Living in a digital world can be stressful, distracting and challenging. Many of us have been a bit distracted lately. It is time we looked up and approached these miraculous devices in a healthy balanced way - make it worthwhile.





We help you become who you want to be by

Listening to you

Helping you see your vision

Helping you let go of the past

Helping you set goals

Guiding you in making an action plan

Encouraging you to dare follow your dreams

Getting to work with you

Clarens, Switzerland 

“I had the chance of working with Allison Ochs. She helped me a lot with her professional coaching. She knows how to listen and coach in a personal yet professional way. We had our sessions over Skype which wasn’t a problem and this helped keep it private and professional. ”
— -Benjamin Blanc
Stuttgart, Germany

”Allison Ochs has been a great help to me as I adjust to life in Germany. She has been very informative and available but more importantly she has been encouraging. I take great comfort in knowing that I can turn to her for advice and support.”
— Taylor Johnson
Seville, Spain

”I sought Allison’s help a couple of years ago when I was going through a bad patch. Allison showed deep empathy for my situation and problems. With her refreshing approach she enabled me to see my situation and myself from a different angle. She encouraged me to leave my comfort zone and take a bold step forward, which boosted my confidence. I am most grateful to her for her help and advice during those troublesome times.”
— Terese A.

We get you…We are Teachers, Mothers, Wives, Expats, Curriculum Developers who have lived and breathed many of the same challenges you face. Our experience, combined with our industry knowledge in Education has enabled us to build a curriculum that is not only entertaining but transformative. We can help you edit your conversations and interactions to achieve your goals and change your lives. We believe every challenge can be overcome and it’s our personal passion to solve it.  

Our reach extends beyond borders, headquartered in Switzerland, with a satellite office in Amsterdam, NL we are only a skype call away. Programs are available in English, French, German and Dutch. We work with Educational experts in all European countries to bring your program needs to life.

About Edit
Allison Ochs

Allison Ochs

Life isn’t about waiting for the rain to pass, it’s about dancing in the rain.”

Growing up in a small town as one of eleven children I dreamed of travel and adventure. I put a map on my wall announcing  that I  would go abroad and by age 19 I was in Germany. When I took that bold step I was unaware that dotted between the bright sunny days it would sometimes rain hard. The same goes for motherhood. The  unexpected and difficult situations have come and gone and come again. I have learned how to dance in the rain and splash in the puddles. "There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear.”  Let me help you find the equipment you need  to enjoy dancing in the rain.

Over the past 20 years I have lived, worked and begun my adventures of being a mother in five different countries.  I have worked as a teacher/social worker in public/private schools, in a teen transition home, a hospital and an orphanage. I have gained extensive knowledge about different school and cultural systems. Speaking fluent German and French are two additional skills I picked up on my journey. Helping children and parents has given me a deep understanding of what is, what should be and what can be.

Allison ochs - President and FOUNDER


Because ‘if you want to travel fast, travel alone, but if you want to travel far, travel together.’

I have always been the contemplating kind of girl. Looking around, wondering, investigating, curious, thinking.

This quality drove me to travel, to dive into different cultures and be amazed, that things could be so different from what I was used to. I loved challenging myself in this manner and started to look at my surroundings like I was looking at a different culture.

Then I started to see things differently. I realized that you don’t need to go far to travel and learn.I also saw some things that appeared to be the norm, made me sad, angry and confused and I wanted to use that energy to come to action.

In 2009 I graduated as a drama teacher, and since then I’ve been using theatre and education to tell stories and educate subjects that are near to my heart. I worked in community theatre, high schools and wrote and acted in educational plays...Always using humor and openness.

At the moment I tour the Dutch public schools with an educational comedy-play about traffic safety, act in commercials, write stories and plays and…join forces with Allison.

marienke Van Terheijden - Director of Creativity and Workshop Facilitator

To contact Marienke directly: marienke.vanterheijden@editcm.com