Edit your life

Edit is an international educational consulting company specializing in digital citizenship development for schools and families, partnered with advice. We offer a variety of unique programs targeting teachers, students, and families designed to help navigate the complex, ever-changing world we live in. From “Who am I and what is my brand” to “My phone, My Friends, My Social Media, My Games” we offer a large variety of courses customized to your needs giving you the tools you will need to live in harmony with technology.



Frustrated with your home life? Are they distracted by their devices, gaming, spending too much time on social media? Every family at times can use a little help. Edit  is here to listen, help create an action plan, and guide you back to harmony in your home. Shall we begin?



Today’s classroom brings a new set of challenges our teachers must navigate. With our fun, interactive programs, Edit can help students and faculty and parents by shedding some light on living with technology.



Even top athletes and managers need advice; Someone from the outside looking in and giving you inspiration and pointers. Daring to change direction can be daunting. We are here to help.