Separating all aspects of your life is impossible. “The whole is made up of parts and is greater than the sum of its parts.” (Aristotle) We don't believe there is one right answer or way; therefore our advice is geared to YOU as a whole, to your specific needs as a school, teacher, mother, or father.

We want to hear your story, define the next chapter and your vision, set challenging goals and create a realistic action plan to achieve amazing results.

Living in a digital world can be stressful, distracting and challenging. Many of us have been a bit distracted lately. It is time we looked up and approached these miraculous devices in a healthy balanced way - make it worthwhile.





We help you become who you want to be by

Listening to you

Helping you see your vision

Helping you let go of the past

Helping you set goals

Guiding you in making an action plan

Encouraging you to dare follow your dreams

Getting to work with you

Clarens, Switzerland 

“I had the chance of working with Allison Ochs. She helped me a lot with her professional coaching. She knows how to listen and coach in a personal yet professional way. We had our sessions over Skype which wasn’t a problem and this helped keep it private and professional. ”
— -Benjamin Blanc
Stuttgart, Germany

”Allison Ochs has been a great help to me as I adjust to life in Germany. She has been very informative and available but more importantly she has been encouraging. I take great comfort in knowing that I can turn to her for advice and support.”
— Taylor Johnson
Seville, Spain

”I sought Allison’s help a couple of years ago when I was going through a bad patch. Allison showed deep empathy for my situation and problems. With her refreshing approach she enabled me to see my situation and myself from a different angle. She encouraged me to leave my comfort zone and take a bold step forward, which boosted my confidence. I am most grateful to her for her help and advice during those troublesome times.”
— Terese A.