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Connection is everything. Humans can’t survive without it. Why then do we so often try to disconnect family from work? It is said that millennials believe in a life that is connected with family, friends, hobbies and business. This is just the kind of balance we believe in at Edit. Profit is the aim of business but you won’t get profit without the people and people need to connect. We are here to help.

Relocating employees overseas? Edit can customize an Edit Expat program for your employees and their families designed to make the transition an exciting, stress-free move.




Connect the professional world with the private for ultimate success on all courts

Give inspiring seminars to fit your companies needs

5 countries and 3 languages added we have a special take on the expat experience

Coach the families of your employees through the first year of relocation

Coach your employees



Rates available by request. 

See some of our programs below. Please contact us and we will customize programs for your companies needs. 

  Cultural Awareness

Cultural Awareness

It is terrifying to be thrown into a game without knowing the rules and then have everyone expect a win. This happens every day. Cultural Awareness is about taking a step back and watching the game, understanding the rules, who you are and respecting those who play differently. Let Edit help your team analyse their game.

  Get It All Connected

Get It All Connected

How can I be successful, have time for myself and my family? How much should my family be involved? Putting your phone down is one key step in keeping it all connected, staying in touch and finding the right balance. A successful team is a happy balanced team. At Edit this is what we do.

  Living Abroad, The Edit Expat

Living Abroad, The Edit Expat

Moving overseas can be a scary venture for your employee and his/her family. How can you make the experience as smooth as possible for them? Let us help coach, counsel and provide tools to help families not only survive the move but rather to THRIVE during the move.