We get you…We are Teachers, Mothers, Wives, Expats, Curriculum Developers who have lived and breathed many of the same challenges you face. Our experience, combined with our industry knowledge in Education has enabled us to build a curriculum that is not only entertaining but transformative. We can help you edit your conversations and interactions to achieve your goals and change your lives. We believe every challenge can be overcome and it’s our personal passion to solve it.  

Our reach extends beyond borders, headquartered in Switzerland, with a satellite office in Amsterdam, NL we are only a skype call away. Programs are available in English, French, and German. We work with Educational experts in all European countries to bring your program needs to life.  As Expats who have lived in 5 countries we specialize in the unique needs of Expat Families and International Schools.

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Allison Ochs

Allison Ochs

Life isn’t about waiting for the rain to pass, it’s about dancing in the rain.”

Growing up in a small town as one of eleven children I dreamed of travel and adventure. I put a map on my wall announcing  that I  would go abroad and by age 19 I was in Germany. When I took that bold step I was unaware that dotted between the bright sunny days it would sometimes rain hard. The same goes for motherhood. The  unexpected and difficult situations have come and gone and come again. I have learned how to dance in the rain and splash in the puddles. "There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear.”  Let me help you find the equipment you need  to enjoy dancing in the rain.

Over the past 20 years I have lived, worked and begun my adventures of being a mother in five different countries.  I have worked as a teacher/social worker in public/private schools, in a teen transition home, a hospital and an orphanage. I have gained extensive knowledge about different school and cultural systems. Speaking fluent German and French are two additional skills I picked up on my journey. Helping children and parents has given me a deep understanding of what is, what should be and what can be.

Allison ochs - FOUNDER and owner